Records in the Port of Hamburg

Records in the Port of Hamburg

CMA CGM Christophe Colomb
CMA CGM Christophe Colomb
With its size and high volumes of cargo, the Port of Hamburg has set a number of records:

The Port of Hamburg is:

  • the largest German seaport
  • the second largest European port for container traffic and in terms of total tonnage
  • the fifteenth largest container port in the world
  • the biggest port for coffee imports in europe

Shipping Lines:

  • the city with the most shipping lines
  • the highest number of ships registered in a single port

German Container Ships:

  • the highest number of container vessels in a single country

The biggest ships to call at the Port of Hamburg thus far:

  • Container ship (by TEU): "CSCLJupiter", 14074 TEU, on 28. June 2011
  • Container ship (by TEU): "CSCL Star", 14074 TEU, on 28. February 2011
  • Container ship (by TEU): "MSC La Spezia", 14043 TEU, on 10. December 2010
  • Container ship (by TEU): "CMA CGM Christophe Colomb"; 13.800 TEU, on 13.July 2010
  • Bulk carrier: the ore ship “Paradise N”, 322,398 tons, on 21 March 2005
  • Container ship (by length): “Marit Maersk”, 367 m, on 15 February 2009
  • Cruise ship: “Queen Mary 2”, 345 m.

Cargo Handling in the Port of Hamburg:

  • the most important trade centre for pharmaceutical raw materials in europe
  • the world’s largest centre for warehousing and selling carpets
  • one of the world’s biggest transhipment ports for paper
  • one of the world’s leading trade centres for tea, coffee, cocoa and spices