Samskip Multimodal and DSM develop new lightweight container

With an extensive track-record of container innovations and a continuous drive for energy savings, user-friendliness and weight reduction opportunities, Samskip has been closely involved in the development of the new DSM HighQ™ container since October 2009.

The new HighQ™ container aims to be 20% lighter than its steel counterparts. The weight reduction is achieved thanks to composite panels that replace the commonly used corrugated steel. The first 45 ft pallet wide high cube prototype was certified by Lloyd’s June 2011 and real life field tested by Samskip for over one year.

Quarterly Press Conference III-2012

The Port of Hamburg’s overall results for the first nine months characterized by export growth and an import downturn

In the first nine months of 2012 the Port of Hamburg achieved total throughput of 98.1 million tons (down 0.8 percent). General cargo throughput at 69.2 million tons was just ahead of last year’s figure (up 0.2 percent). Bulk cargo throughput at 28.8 million tons stayed behind the previous year’s (down 3.3 percent).

Structural change in coastal and inland waterway shipping – Experts discuss potential solutions at the 9th ShortSea, Feeder and Inland Waterway Shipping Dialogue

Volatile freight and charter rates, high fuel prices, unemployed vessels and the problems of ship financing are leading to structural change in coastal and inland waterway shipping. Experts are agreed on that. Yet what does this actually mean for the future of the shortsea, feeder and inland waterway ship trades? And how can companies prepare for the transition?

Getting Containers on Board Faster: Hamburg Steers a Course for the Port of the Future

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Deutsche Telekom, and SAP are jointly starting a logistics IT solution designed to link up port-based companies, partners, and customers more closely. The "Smart Port Logistics" pilot project has resulted in a comprehensive IT platform that incorporates mobile applications, or "apps", and thus makes it possible for traffic information and port-related services to be accessed from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

EVERGREEN deploys post-Panamax containerships on Far East-Europe service

With the EVER LAMBENT, on 1 September 2012 the Taiwanese EVERGREEN LINE’s largest-ever containership berthed in the Port of Hamburg on her maiden voyage. This post-Panamax vessel with a slot capacity of 8,500 TEU (20-ft standard containers) was handled at HHLA’s Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB).

Strong exports ensure growth for Port of Hamburg in 2012 first half

In the first six months of 2012 the Port of Hamburg reported total throughput of 65.8 million tons (up 2.7 percent). At 45 million tons or 4.4 million TEU (20-ft standard containers), the container throughput that predominates in Hamburg as a universal port achieved a gain of 1.9 percent. The reason for this relatively modest growth was the total for empty containers, whereas throughput of loaded containers grew up by 4.7 percent to 3.8 million TEU. Weaker growth rates compared to the 2011 first half are explained by the unusually strong growth achieved at that time.

Premiere in Hamburg: First LNG-powered ship in the Port of Hamburg – A challenge for the port and initial experience from Norway

At the Überseebrücke pier, the Port of Hamburg has for the first time been able to welcome an LNG-fuelled ship. The KV BARENTSHAV belongs to the Norwegian Coastguard fleet, and is deployed on fisheries controls, sea rescue, policing, Customs inspections and environmental checks within Norwegian territorial waters. The speciality of the ship is its environmentally friendly driven motor: Instead of diesel fuel the KV BARENTSHAV is powered in normal conditions by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

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