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    02.10.2014 - 16:18

    Statements by Port of Hamburg Marketing Executive Board Members Axel Mattern and Ingo Egloff on Today’s Decision by the Federal Administrative Court

    We respect the decision announced today by the Federal Administrative Court (FAC) in Leipzig on the deepening and widening of the...

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    Vessels at the Port of HamburgVessels at the Port of Hamburg


    Here you find an overview of all vessel in the Port of Hamburg. Sort by type of vessel, size or estimated vessel.


    Estimated Vessels at the Port of HamburgEstimated Vessels at the Port of Hamburg

    All estimated vessel you find in our Estimated Vessel List

    Name of Vessel Foto Deadweight Container Estimated Terminal
    Ever Lambent 104408 t 8452 TEU ETA: 25. October 2014 - 18:00 Erwartet HHLA-CTT
    CMA CGM Columba 128760 t 11400 TEU ETA: 25. October 2014 - 19:00 Erwartet HHLA-CTB

    Liner Services

    Hamburg is often called the gateway to the world. And in fact, shipping lines connect the city to more than 900 other ports in 174 countries around the world.

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    Facts & Figures

    Container throughput, Handling of General Cargo, Bulk Cargo and much more.

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    Container port throughput in a global comparison

    Container throuput at the world’s leading container ports: select up to 10 ports, or view the top 10 ports in the world.


    Logistics, Warehouse and Depots

    Logistics, Warehouse and Depots

    Experts on cargo

    The Port of Hamburg is not just a transhipment centre for goods of all kinds but also one of the leading logistics locations in Northern Europe. Read more...

    Port of HamburgPort of Hamburg

    Port of Hamburg Headoffice Pickhuben, Hamburg

    Port of Hamburg Marketing

    Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM) is a private association that takes care of marketing activities for the Port of Hamburg, the neighbouring ports in the region, and for numerous other member firms. HHM’s many and varied activities at home and abroad help strengthen the Port of Hamburg’s competitive position. Read more...


    HHM - NewsHHM - News
    18.08.2014 - 09:04
    The Port of Hamburg continues record performance handling a total of 72.6 million tons (+ 6.6 percent) in the first six months of 2014....